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Elina Kaljunen (born in Lappeenranta 1970) is a contemporary Helsinki-based violinmaker and restorer.

She has studied instrument making in the Ikaalinen Handcraft school, Finland.

In 1997 she got her diploma from the Cremona International Violin Making School (Italy) where she studied under maestro Giorgio Ce'.

In London she was an apprentice to the violinmaker John Dilworth.

From 1999 she has been running her own violin workshop in Helsinki.

Elina Kaljunen is a member in The Guild of Finnish Violinmakers, BVM and VSA.

" My work consists of both new making ( violin, violas, cellos) and repairs.

Combining these two gives me a good touch to rebuild new and see the variety of older instruments in my workshop. I offer services in string instrument maintenance, set ups, sound adjustment, repairs, restoration and bow rehairing. I am focused on acustical properties and easy playability. Past extensive studies in violin playing and making chamber music nowadays, gives me great standards in understanding the sound of a violin.

In the making of new instruments I follow the classical Italian violin making tradition (cremonese, venetian, brescian, ...).A. Stradivari's designs are the most commonly copied among contemporary makers. However there are plenty of other wonderful makers and models to study and to be used as an inspiration. I am constantly looking for better sounding examples to recreate. I make my violins either new looking or in copy style. The customer is welcome to ask for a certain quality either in tone or in appearance when commissioning a new instrument. Successful teamwork between the maker and the musician is crucial when it comes to providing a comfortable set up to play on. Playing the violin should be easy and


I am more than happy to see you in my workshop, Tervetuloa!


 E. Kaljunen

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